Publications by the Experts at Nursing Consulting Partners (NCP)

NCP Publications

The experts at Nursing Consulting Partners have written or appeared in these collective publications:

  • Haag-Heitman, B. (Ed). (1999) Clinical Practice Development Using Novice to Expert Theory. Gaithersburg, Md. Aspen.
  • Haag-Heitman, B. & George, V. (2010). Guide for Establishing Shared Governance: A Starter’s Tool Kit. Sliver Spring. MD: American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC)
  • Haag-Heitman, B. & George, V. (2011). Peer Review in Nursing: Principles for Sucessful Practice. Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett.
  • Haag-Heitman, B. and Kramer, A. (1998). Creating a Clinical Practice Development Model. American Journal of Nursing, 98(8), 39-43.
  • George, V. & Haag-Heitman (2012). Differentiating peer review and the annual performance reviewNurse Leader, 10(1), 26-28.
  • Haag-Heitman, B. (2009). Froedert hospital hosts Magnet workshop on peer review. Nursingmatters, 20(2), 7-8.
  • Haag-Heitman, B & George, V. (2011). Nursing Peer Review: Principles and PracticeAmerican Nurse Today (Special Magnet Edition), (3), 61-63.
  • George, V. & Haag-Heitman, B. (2011).  Nursing Peer Review: The Manager’s Role. *Journal of Nursing Management, 19(2).
  • George, V. and Haag-Heitman, B. (2013). Peer Review in Nursing: An Evidence-Based Approach. A Continuing Education module published in
  • Haag-Heitman, B. (2012). Supporting Transitions in Clinical Practice Development. Journal of Perinatal and Neonatal Nursing, 26(1), 5-7.
  • Ladewig, N. E., Haag, B. J., and Weber, B. T.  (1994). The Clinical Practice Development Model:  A Framework for the Recognition of Nursing Practice.  Aspen’s Advisor for Nurse Executives, 9(4), 5‑7.
  • Haag-Heitman, B. (2008). The Development of Expert Performance in Nursing. *Journal of Nurses in Staff Development. 24(5), 203-211.

Note – * indicates peer review journal

  • George, V. (1999). An Organizational Case Study of Shared Leadership Development in Nursing. Unpublished Dissertation – Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI.
  • George, V. & Burke, L.J. (1998). Developing Staff Nurses Leadership Behaviors and Professional Nursing Practice Autonomy. Abstract in the Proceedings for the Fifth Annual International Conference on Advances in Management.
  • Fowler, R., McAvoy, M., Haag-Heitman,B., DiRaimondo-Decker, C. & Zuleger, J. (2010). Implementing Shared Governance in Rehabilitation ServicesForum for Shared Governance.
  • Moore, V. and Sharkey, K. (2001). Magnet Hospitals Going for the Gold in Nursing, Nursing 2001, 31(11), 82-83.
  • Moore, V. M. (1990) Contributor to Nursing Shared Governance:  Restructuring For the Future, McDonagh, K.J., Editor.
  • George, V. & Luhrsen, M. (2014) Professional Governance: To Act – Not Just Inform.  Nurse Leader, 12(2), 48-54. DOI:10.1016/j.mnl.2014.01.008
  • George, V.M., Burke, L.J.,  & Rogers, B.L. (1997). Researched-based Plan for Change: Assessing Nursing Attitudes Towards Governance and Professional Practice Autonomy After Hospital Acquisition. JONA, Vol. 27, 53-61.
  • Morselander, K. & Moore, V.M. (1990), Accreditation:  Measuring Quality Assurance, HomeCare, August
  • Hicks, F. (2005) Assuring Competency: Privilege and ObligationClinical Nurse Specialist, 19(5)228-232.
  • Jenkins, L. & George, V. (1995) Heart Watch: National Survey of Continuous Electrocardiographic Monitoring in the U.S. Hospitals. JONA, 25 (4), 38-44
  • DeGroot, H.A., Burke, L.J., & George, V., (1998). Implementing the Differentiated Pay Structure Model. Journal of Nursing Administration,28(5), 28-38.
  • George, V. & Shocksnider, J. (2014) Leaders: Are you ready for change? The clinical nurse as care coordinator in the new health care system. Nursing Administration Quarterly, 38(1), 78-85. DOI:10.1097/NAQ.0000000000000011
  • Moore, V. M. (1993) Contributor.  Kinsey, M. Gibby,  Patient-Centered Hospital Care – Reform from Within. McDonagh, K.J., Editor.  Management Series, American College of Healthcare Executives, 1993.
  • George, V. (2005). Role of System Chief nursing executive. Nurse      Leader, 3 (4), 45 -49.
  • Haag-Heitman, B.J. (1997). Team Building, A Powerful Learning Organization Approach. Aspen’s Advisor for Nurse Executives, 13(2), 1-4.
  • MacKinnon Schifalacqua, M., and George, V. (1999).  The Changing Environment for Outcomes Management in The Outcomes Mandate: Case Management in Health Care Today.pp 162-170. Cohen, E. and DeBack (Eds). Mosby: St. Louis.
  • George, V. (1998) The Leader as Teacher: A Learning Framework for Nurse Executives. Aspen Advisor for Nurse Executives; May.
  • George, V. (1999). The Role of the Chief Nurse Executive in Fostering Excellence in the Professional Practice Environment in Clinical Practice Development Using Novice to Expert Theory, Chapter 13, Ed. Haag-Heitman, B., Aspen.
  • George, V., & Lovering, S. (2013) Transforming the Context of Care Through Shared Leadership and Partnership: An International CNO Perspective. Nursing Administration Quarterly, 37 (1), 52-59
  • George. V. (2003). Women as Leaders: Changing the Workplace. Nurse leader, 1.
  •  *Galvan, B. J. (1987). Obstetrical Vacuum Extraction. *JOGNN, May/June.
  • Haag, B. et al. (1993). Opportunities, Consequences and Challenge of Early Discharge ‑ Short Term Length of Stay. Wisconsin Association for Perinatal Care, June.
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  • Haag, B. Editor (1989-91). Regarding Women and Health Care. St. Luke’s Medical Center, Milwaukee.
  • Farrell, M., Bushnell, D and Haag-Heitman, B. (1998). Theory and Practice for Teaching the Childbearing Couple. *JOGNN, Nov/Dec, 613-618.
  • *Galvan, B. J.  (1989). Using Amnioinfusion for the Relief of Repetitive Variable Decelerations during labor.  *JOGNN, May/June.  (*Galvan former name prior to Haag-Heitman)

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Client Testimonials

Thank you for your wonderful presentation entitled “RN Care Coordination: Practice, Education, and Certification” at our Catalyst Academy 2015. Your important topic and great presentation style had the audience immediately engaged
Holly A. De Groot, PhD, RN, FAAN
Catalyst Systems, LLC
You had a hand in getting us there [receiving Magnet® status].
Thanks for your article in the Nurse Leader on shared decision making. I always appreciate your words of wisdom in this arena.
Great examples of control charts used [in NCP’s webinars] to “tell a story” of improvement over time.
What a difference a peer makes! Our discharge medication reconciliation accuracy rose from 56% to greater than 90% in one year, and our improvement has been sustained for over one year beyond that.
Nicole Jones, RN, MS & Beth Lacoste, RN, MSN
East Jefferson General Hospital, Metairie, LA
We appreciated the examples you presented [in your webinars] per standard – this was helpful related to many standards be written generically.
Our Pathway to Excellence® document was accepted! Thanks for all of your help!
Pathway to Excellence® Project Director
Thank you for helping us on our way to Magnet® status. I know your visits to us and your advice steered us on this journey. We value your input.”
We just summarized the comments from your presentation – Our nurses loved our consultant and her message.
Judy Boerger
Parkview Medical Center
Thank you so much for an amazing Nurses Day! We had the best turnout ever, and your presentations were spectacular. People have been talking about it ever since, and I’ve heard grumbling from people who couldn’t be there—a sure sign of a great event! Thank you for your wisdom and support! It has been totally great working with you.
Paul Parker, RN, BC
Mid Coast Hospital, Brunswick, ME
We value your input – I especially value your candor and wisdom!
Excellent presentation! I’m excited about implementing peer review in our organization. Fabulous speakers with a true passion for the content.
Peer Review Workshop 2012
I wanted to say thank [our consultants] for their insight. I’m a staff nurse and beyond their guidance for Magnet, they provided insights into my profession while tying in IOM and ANA principles. You inspired my colleagues and myself with our journey.
Joy Fumera
Kaiser Permanente Orange County-Irvine
Thank you for the excellent workshops you conducted for our nursing leaders, council members, and educators. Finalizing the professional practice model as well as writing our bylaws, and council charters and objectives, was monumental. There was overwhelmingly positive feedback and enthusiasm as we move forward on our shared governance journey. Thank you for your leadership and expertise.
St. Mary's Health System
The level of excitement since your visit is outrageous. Staff are even more engaged and energized, with most talking about the learnings you shared.
Just wanted to take a moment to send you a personal note of thanks for all of the efforts you and your team put into helping our organization successfully achieve its fourth Magnet designation. Although Julie and her leadership group are enjoying many well-deserved accolades for this successful accomplishment, I have certainly not forgotten that it was you and your partners who helped immeasurably in getting our Magnet efforts back on track and providing assistance and mentoring to Julie and our team as they navigated this process and re-tooled our nursing governance structure. It is amazing to think back 2 ½ years and realize how far our nursing team has come in that short amount of time. Thanks so much again Kathleen for all of the time, thought and effort you and your colleagues put into helping us achieve this milestone.
Rob Myers MHA, FACHE
Chief Operating Officer, Goshen Health