Magnet® Site Visit Preparation and Mock Visit

Nursing Consulting Partners believes that preparation for the site visit is an integral component of our consultation services. During this time, we work with your staff to further engage in the Magnet® journey. We customize multiple programs that use fun and interaction to create a "buzz" around the site visit. Many of the Nursing Consulting Partners experts are current or former MPDs who know the importance of weaving fun into staff education. Multiple approaches involve your Magnet® teams not just with events, but tools to prepare your staff for the site visit.

A critical piece of proper preparation includes a "mock visit." This process allows your team to have a live rehearsal prior to the ANCC Magnet® Designation Site Visit. We provide you with interview guides, coaching tips, and daily meetings with the CNO and MPD to debrief. Our expert consultants have conducted 300+ mock visits around the world. This practice is invaluable to any organization, even if you have not used Nursing Consulting Partners for any other service.

Please contact us to request more information about conducting a mock visit.