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The NCP Difference
NCP is a totally nurse-run company with a client base of over 150 organizations. Our Nurse Consultants have more than 200 years of collective experience as nurse leaders in Magnet® organizations.
magnet consulting
Magnet® Consulting
We offer a unique team approach and a menu of customized services, tools, & templates to guide you through each phase of the Magnet® journey.
professional governance
Professional Governance Consulting
We have a proven track record of success in helping organizations design, implement, evaluate, and revise a professional governance system.
peer review consulting
Peer Review Consulting
We assist leaders to build a culture of accountability through evidence-based peer review processes.
leadership development
Leadership Development Consulting
We support organizations interested in developing leaders through coaching, mentoring, transition to practice programs, and succession planning services.
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NCP is here to take care of YOU...while you take care of your patients.

Has Your Magnet® Journey been Affected by COVID-19?

The journey to Magnet® designation is always worth it…but never easy. It must be a strategic priority for your organization. We know it takes commitment, time, and resources of your organization to succeed.

But the coronavirus pandemic has shifted priorities, threatening to slow down…or even shut down your Magnet® journey. NCP is here to step in and help you reach your organizational goals during this global pandemic.


NCP is Different

Nursing Consulting Partners (NCP) is a team of highly experienced nursing professionals who serve as mentors in the healthcare field. We are proud of our personal achievements and use them to help others meet their organizational aspirations, such as Magnet®, Pathway to Excellence®, Professional Governance, Peer Review, Leadership Development, and accreditation processes in both clinical and academic settings. We come to you with a strong track record. Our nursing consultants are global leaders in healthcare consultation. They published the first book on Professional Peer Review and the first Shared Governance toolkit. NCP conducts nursing research in partnership with clients and uses evidence-based strategies to support our approach to consultation.

Nursing Consulting Partners (NCP) is
owned and operated
by nurses.
All of our nursing consultants are
nurses who have worked in Magnet® organizations in leadership positions
Our work is not limited to nursing.
We help all interprofessional partners to build strong practice climates.
We offer a full menu of consultation services
tailored to the individual client's needs.
We use a unique team approach that
partners clients with the best “fit” from our pool of expert nursing consultants.
We help transform "from the ground up"
strengthening the foundation for practice through strategic planning & professional governance


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